Panel Information

***Tentative seminars (subject to change) are:

11:15-12 - tiki mug making by Omar/Oakwash

12:15-1 - building your own tikibar by Jeff/TikiJeff

1:15-2 - tiki rums by Steve Dupuy/Parrot Pub

2:15-3 - Minimalist Tiki by Matt

3:15-4 - Low carb tiki cocktails by Frank

Oakwash Mugs


Hi! My name is Omar and I make mugs with my business Oakwash. I started making ceramic pottery four years ago and now work full time creating awesome drinking vessels. We have built out our little mug factory right in my backyard and spend days casting, cleaning, and glazing our designs. This is all new and exciting and thanks for joining me on the ride..


Creating a Home Tiki Bar

Tiki Jeff built his tiki bar, "TikiJeff's" 10 years ago and has been improving it ever since. He also created a "small space" tiki bar inside, which is more typical of what most peiple can do ti get started.


Jeff also built a large outdoor authentic tiki bar which can and is enjoyed by 50 or more!


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Exploring Louisiana Rums

Steven Dupuy of the Drunken Parrot Pub, explores using Louisiana Rums for Tiki Cocktails.

Minimalist Tiki

Recreating Tiki Classics - What We Get Wrong

Matt Pietrek - In our desire to authentically recreate Tiki's Golden Era recipes, we often overlook that ingredients and techniques have changed over the decades. While some of the changes have been positive, others have been less successful. In this spirited seminar you will learn about classic Tropical cocktails past vs. present and Pietrek will share the numerous surprises he has found in his exploration of the best Classic Tropical Cocktails.

Rum Society of Louisiana

Low Carb Tiki Cocktails are Possible and Yummy!

Frank Chartier- Youtube's own "Low Carb Cocktail Guy" specializes in transforming traditional tiki cocktails into low-carb versions. He explores innovative ingredient substitutions and creative techniques to reduce carbohydrate content without compromising flavor. From low-carb syrups to sugar-free alternatives, he shares tips and recipes that cater to those seeking a lower-carb lifestyle while still enjoying the tropical and vibrant essence of tiki drinks. During this session, The Low Carb Cocktail Guy will have one of his favorite low-carb tiki cocktails for you to sample.